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What is SmartFamilyLinks About.
These are challenging times the world over.  Families, friends are learning to be thrifty, a long lost virtue.

Families, have to re-learn the Art of Frugality.

A Helping Hand is always welcome during adversity.  The SmartFamilyLinks websites sole intention is to be the Helping Hand to all families, the world over, by providing researched links that offer Smart Choices to families right from Free Licensed Software for education / learning, educational games & hobbies, PC/ Desktop applications et al;  Smart Money Saving Choices with regard to school text books, bargain purchases for the home, Free Cable TV, Free Resources for home based business and opportunities to work from home; Smart Informed Choices for University Courses.

The SmartFamilyLinks site,  hopes to be a wikipedia of such Smart, Informed, Money Savings resources through the help of people across the world, who are welcome to add links under the Categories already defined, or suggest links under a new category. 
This would help build a active and vibrant social community that spans countries, languages and race.

The SmartFamilyLinks family.

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